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Wherever you are
I thought about you
While driving in my car...

I wonder if you know
How fly you are
You are
You're reflection of beauty in your mirror...

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Tip #1:

BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF. Does it need alterations and are you willing to get it done? Do you absolutely love the color, shape, and texture? Do you see this item fitting into your current wardrobe? Does it match other garments you own? Will you really wear this item? If you have trouble answering these questions put the item back and stick to what works best for you.

Tip #2:

Two ways to shop at the thrift store:

First, you have an item in mind. If so go straight to it.

Second, you don't have a clue but it most be fly, fabulous and totally cheap! If that's the case start at the beginning of the store and work your way back. Try to stay focus on one department either clothes, household items or gadgets. This will keep you from becoming overwhelmed and overspending.

Tip #3:

Are you a thrifty shopper? Shopping at the thrift store is not for everyone. You must have perseverance, determination, patience and grit. Shopping at the thrift store takes time. There's a lot of rummaging, smelly smells, and your arms will ache! But if you are up for the challenge, Let's start thrifting now! If not no worries I'll do the leg work for ya!

Tip #4:

What time is best for you?

I like to get in early to have my choice of the best pieces before the crowd comes in. But most thrift shops have late evening hours and convenient weekend hours. Decide what time of day you could spare an hour or two. Remember sale days are the busiest.

Tip #5:

Bring a friend. Friends are good for the cold-hearted truth you'll need on your thrifty journey. They will be able to help you make decisions between what's hot or not.

Tip #6:

Dig in and PULL! Sometimes items are not sorted well and kind of all over the place. This is a time to turn on your "eye spy-eye." Look for color, texture and style.

Tip #7:

Color and texture should leap out at you just by running your eyes over the top or sides of the clothing racks. This takes care of the need to pull out every item.

Tip #8:

Just pull out the clothes that appeal by color and texture, so that you can check for style. Look for classic styles which don't date easily.

Tip #9:

Check closely for stains, tears, mended parts, stretched stitching (often hard to repair) and marks.

Personally I don't like buying stained items. Some stains easily come out but others do not. Never buy anything with perspiration stains - they just will not come out. Remember that buttons are not a problem - you can easily replace lost ones with better ones.

Tip #10:

Time to try on your great finds! Not all thrift stores have a fitting rooms. And even if they do I suggest the following for sanity precautions. Wear a leotard or leggings and a cami under your clothes the day you are thrifting to avoid skin contact to the used clothes. Also wearing a flared skirt with leggings underneath help you to try on a pair of pants without showing your goodies.

Tip #11:

Always look in a mirror to see if the clothes really do suit you. If there is no mirror, you take the risk but given the price, it'll probably be a cheap risk!

Tip #12:

Wash your clothes. You can't be sure they're really clean. Check pockets before cleaning--you could be pleasantly surprised by forgotten money! Or dirty Kleenex...YUCK!

Tip #13:

When you are checking out make sure to use any coupons you have and ask for the upcoming sale dates.

Tip #14:

Have fun! Be creative! And remember--Yes, You Can Look FABULOUS Shopping at the Thrift Store!


<![CDATA[5 Signs of a Clothes FREAK...]]>Sun, 10 Jan 2016 22:51:31 GMThttp://febyjamikab.weebly.com/blog/5-signs-of-a-clothes-freak
YES! I love clothes. What you don't love clothes? What's wrong with you?!? Hehehehe yes my crime of passion! For as long as I can remember I had the largest obsession with clothes and all things beauty. My grandmother had three full closets of clothes. Along with exquisite handbags, shoes and jewelry. It was the perfect heaven on earth for a fairy tale loving six year old. So I vowed to myself as a little one to have this amazing heaven on Earth as I got older.
So here I am today and my world consist of all things fashion, style and beauty. With clothes being my number one obsession! So yes, I AM A CLOTHES FREAK! Are you a clothes freak? Unsure? Well let me help you out. Here are the 5 sure signs to discover the clothes freak within you:
5. When you see an amazing outfit on someone you immediately say to yourself, YEASSSSSSSSSSSS!

Then you go out your way to create a similar epic look so that you can give off the same reaction to other spectators. True clothes freak are not jealous of other fashionistas because they respect the art and understand they are artist themselves. Hence, the art of style (we'll talk about that on another day). In a sense all fashionistas are struggling artist seeking for the right opportunity to display their work of art to the world.
4. You can't stop thinking about what to wear on any given occasion.

It does not matter what the occassion the place or situation, all you know is, I GOT TO LOOK GOOD! Work, school, interviews, lunch dates, fun nights with friends, and any given celebration is a perfect opportunity to play dress up!
3. You think of your clothes as your baby and may refuse to lend them out.

Growing up I was not allowed to share my clothes with my friends because I was taught people do not always treat your things the way you would treat your things. That stuck with me. Is it heard for you to lend out your favorite jeans or your polished DVF wrap dress? If yes, no worries you just might be a clothes freak. Because who truly but you has that connection with that garment. You have the story of when you bought it, when you wore it, the compliments you received and the feeling of looking your best. Just imagine a trusted friend borrows that perfect garment and mistreats it or never returns it. Sounds familiar?
2. Your shopping habits are sporadic.

Are you shopping for the hell of shopping? Do you find yourself getting off work heading to your favorite stores just to see what's new from yesterday or what's on sell today? Yeah clothes freak shop just to shop. No occasion needed, just the right price and fabulous clothes.
1. You need more than two closets to house all your clothes, shoes and accessories.

The #1 sign of a clothes freak is you have sooooo many clothes that they cannot all possibly fit in your bedroom closet. You find yourself putting your garments in other parts of the house (Remember Sex in the City character Carrie and how she used her stove to store shoes and whatever else?) and everywhere you turn feels like your own personal boutique. That my dear is a CLOTHES FREAK...Stay THRIFTY!
<![CDATA[City LIGHTS...StreetStyle]]>Fri, 01 Jan 2016 02:12:04 GMThttp://febyjamikab.weebly.com/blog/city-lightsstreetstyle

Keeping warm this winter with this dope faux fur hat from the Limited I thrifted. Meaning I'm thrifted head to toe! When thrifting hats purchase from well kept thrift and consignment shops. I also recommend proper cleaning of any thrifted garments especially hats.

What She Wore:

Faux fur hat the Limited

Copper Blazer H&M

Powder pink cable knit sweater Old Navy

Grey ash high wasited denim Levis (distressed by Jamika B)

Copper zipper boots GoJane (only thing not thrifted)

Black fringed scarf

Black faux leather quilted gold chain purse

Oh yes and these distressed grey ash denim are giving me life. I might add some more rips come springtime. For now it's good!

Stay warm and THRIFTY my loves...

<![CDATA[A CRIME of Passion...]]>Thu, 31 Dec 2015 15:06:17 GMThttp://febyjamikab.weebly.com/blog/a-crime-of-passion

YES! I love clothes. What you don't love clothes? What's wrong with you?!? Hehehehe but really I do have an obsession with clothes and styling. Is that a crime? Nope! I have always felt that fashion is art and when you create your own style it is an expression of yourself. It's the beauty that you feel in the perfect outfit. It's the joy you feel from a simple compliment. And it's the peace knowing you didn't pay a fortune to look like a million bucks!

Fall layering. Remember when it comes to layering you want the pieces you layer to be practical. Can you really use the layering pieces to stay warm and cute? Or is it just for cute points? A good way to have add a layering effect is to wear an asymmetrical top that is higher in the front and longer (like a tail) in the back. Keep it simple and practical.

Here are some fun thrifted looks from a few weeks ago. I heart the tribal print blazer and I'm obsessed with the black sequins dress!


<![CDATA[Bih WHERE???]]>Sun, 27 Dec 2015 18:23:41 GMThttp://febyjamikab.weebly.com/blog/bih-where

Happy New Year!!! I am so excited to share a few fashion photos I did last week. There are plenty more. But first check these out...

Fashionably Expressive is all about timeless and effortless style. In the photos below I display that with a few bold pieces in each outfit. Statement or bold pieces assist in your effortless style because you don't have to do much with statement pieces, they set the tone of the outfit.
Now we present the Mad Hatter aka ThatGirlJamika, in her timeless thrifted statement pieces. Enjoy...


<![CDATA[Everything that GLITTERS...]]>Sun, 29 Nov 2015 21:02:51 GMThttp://febyjamikab.weebly.com/blog/everything-that-glitters

I thrifted this colorfull metallic crop top over a year ago. I love the material and youthfulness of it. The turquoise accordion style skirt was also thrifted a while ago. However I've never paired the two pieces together. I think the look is fun and sassy!


<![CDATA[FEARLESS Thinker...]]>Mon, 23 Nov 2015 06:10:04 GMThttp://febyjamikab.weebly.com/blog/fearless-thinker

Cherish your visions; cherish your ideals; cherish the music that stirs in your heart, the beauty that forms in your mind, the loveliness that drapes your purest thoughts, for out of them will grow all delightful conditions, all heavenly environment; of these, if you but remain true to them, your world will at last be built.

When the silence isn't quiet
And it feels like it's getting hard to breathe
And I know you feel like dying
But I promise we'll take the world to it's feet
And move mountains
Bring it to it's feet
And move mountains
And I'll rise up
I'll rise like the day
I'll rise up
I'll rise unafraid
I'll rise up
And I'll do it a thousand times again
For you
#AndraDay #RiseUp

<![CDATA[RUMOR Has It...]]>Sun, 22 Nov 2015 05:55:15 GMThttp://febyjamikab.weebly.com/blog/gone-for-a-minute-now-im-back

Look what the cat dragged in... ThatgirlJamika! It's been too long since my last post and I sincerly apologize. However I must say my hiatus was not in vain and I do have a plethora of new style pics and fashion tips to share. My goal is to post at minium twice a month and go from there. I miss blogging on the regular. I use my website as a platform to express who I am. I love being me and enjoy sharing my style, poetry and everything that makes me, Jamika B.!

For many years now I have struggled with generalized aniexty and major depression. I've talked about my anxiety issues in the best but never explained the effects it had on me. Aniexty is created from the fear of the unknown, in which most cases, for myself, leads to complete panic.
My aniexty issues begin to grow out of control and developed into other "disorders." I never realized how much withdrawn I became socially until the fear of being alone kicked in. The fear of pushing everyone away to the point of no return. The fear of writing a blog post because I was so insecure about myself that I didn't want my depression to show. The lack of inspiration to create and the fear of that creativity never returning. Once I began to realize the tight grip that fear had on my life, I immediately knew things were going to have to change and change soon.

I decided to invest in me. I decided I was not going to live in fear. I decided on a plan to self recovery. So what did I do? I read and I wrote everyday. I read books (which I will share later)  that feed me spiritually and mentally. I wrote in several journals, each for seperate purposes. The one I am proud of the most is my, "365 Days of Gratitude" journal. I write in this journal at least 5 days a week. Each entry I write a paragraph or more on what I am gratiful for on that day, in that moment. Then on the next blank page I write my current short term goals. I like to focus on no more than 3 goals at a time. I do not want to overwhelm myself and begin to doubt in my success. After goals are set, underneath I write 20 ways to improve myself to obtain my listed goals. This is what you call brain exercises. I had to mentally strength myself in order to move past my fears that lead to my anxiety issues. 

These days I am feeling good. Feeling strong and fearless. Everyday is not a walk in the park but I learn to live in the present. To appreciate that gift in time. For time waits for no man and to spend precious time in fear, is insanity.
Now that Stella has her groove back, I am back in my closet and thrifting around town! I have always believed that when you feel good, you look your best. I feel great, so I must look FIERCE! Check me out..
I am absolutely in love with this LBD I thrifted. The perfect black sequins dress for NYE.
Can we say adore? Another score thrifting this mauve pancho dress. Perfect for a fall date night.
The most stylish teacher you ever did see, Mrs. B. The top is thrifted. The skirt belonged to my grandmother and the coat I got for a great deal at Sears. Score!
I feel like I'd look perfect for The Cosby Show here. (All jokes aside. Hands down the stylist for that show was genius!) Thrifted cardigan sweater with sweater pencil skirt and distressed boots.
Thrifted dashiki. Score! I need to find more of these.
I'm the Michael Jackson Thiller! Is she not the cutest little vintage red leather jacket you ever did see?!? This look is so fun and retro.
Until next time, remember to smile, to feel good and to keep feeling better! Muah

<![CDATA[The POWER of Imagery...]]>Tue, 08 Sep 2015 18:06:58 GMThttp://febyjamikab.weebly.com/blog/the-power-of-imagery

This is what I see...let's start at the bottom of the picture where the wombmen are adversely placed. The wombmen are small but seem to be loud and strong in their prayers. There looks to be about three generations of wombmen. This setting right here tells some history. Melanated wombmen have worshiped this image of a savior for many generations. Taught by their mothers mother, whom were taught by the oppressor to trust in an image. Some Melanated wombmen dedicate their lives to the image. They will over mind their partners just to be close to this image. Some have no partner but trust in the image to bring them a partner. All along their mind is focused on pleasing the image. Also in the picture I noticed their eyes are closed. Reminds me of blind faith. To have faith is to know all is well. You can visualize all is well. You begin to see all is well. However blind faith can lead you down a dark path of sorrow and confusion. The wombmen in the picture are blinded by their faith in an image. An image that seems to over power them in this picture. They don't see anything else except for the image that is now engraved into their subconscious minds. So whenever they feel the pressure this image now automatically comes to surface. The image is so large they don't run from it. Because the image is a man subconsciously they feel protected. Subconsciously this image becomes their man. They begin to no longer need a physical man or the physical presence of a king. The image becomes all they need. Therefore many of are wombmen seem to be without a partner because mentally their focus is stuck on a imagery of a savior that was handed down from generation to generation from the oppressor. In this picture you see these wombmen crying out savior as they sit alone. 

Now let's look at the top of the picture. A young melanated male, clearly made as hell at the image in the center. I wondered for a while at the youth of the male. Wondering why is he so young and so angry at the image. Then I thought about the statistics of melanated men in church. Those statistics are low compared to the statistics of a melanated wombman (The black church is 75% female.) That also explains why there are more wombmen at the bottom of the picture worshipping the image while only one  young man is at the top shooting the image down. During slavery melanated mothers feared for their sons lives. They witnessed the horrific acts of the slave master towards their fathers, brothers and male partners. Therefore, a fear was set in their hearts as little girls. Some had even watched their own mothers in fear of the slave master. So when the slave master shows you an image of "God" and you began to see God as a man and as a white man, you learn how to respect and please the oppressor quick. Because now all you see is life in this white man's world. Well, while the wombman is in fear the young man has developed a hate towards the oppressor and his image of a white male god. The melanated male is pissed as hell at the oppressor and his image. How dare he be beaten day in and day out to then bow and worship at the feet of this white male god. Not only is he pissed at the lies but now this image separates him from his mother and sisters. Because of this image the wombman have subconsciously left the brother to be alone in this white man's world. 

Next we have the center of the painting. Jesus. Yes we know it's name. Jesus, the image. Well Jesus here looks scared and frightened of the young melanated male. As if he's afraid that the young more powerful male will destroy his image. Because it's not death that Jesus is afraid of, as the picture displays him on the cross (On the cross he defeated death. So the story goes). Jesus looks terrified of the melanated being above him. Now look at this placement the young melanated male is above the savior. Not only is he above but he has a weapon to destroy the image. The image is more afraid of the melanated male more than the melanated male is afraid of the image. 

So what is this picture saying? To me the picture is saying get rid of the middle man. This image has destroyed the melanated family for too long. I already know this picture alone will ruffle some feathers. However the time is now to step out of our comfort zone and embrace truth. Until this image is destroyed we will continue to destroy our once rich and lively culture. We must give up the white god and embrace our African spirit. Here we will learn to become our own savior. Here we can start the healing process because it takes courage and strength to let go of all you think you knew. People will be shocked and hurt by the truth but the truth is the only road to recovery. The truth helps us to face our fears and regain strength. Facing our fears will bring some pain but embracing our truth will restore the love we lost for one another. Love will aid us in rebuilding the broken melanated homes. True love from the Supreme Being within every creature will conquer all. Ase'